2014/08 August bulletin

posted 3 Aug 2014, 15:29 by Wakatipu Walker   [ updated 5 Aug 2014, 15:08 ]

New Mid Caples Hut – Mid winter dinner – 28th & 29th June 2014. 

Seven hearty trampers met at 9am in Queenstown, with packs full of goodies for a yummy dinner.  We left the Greenstone carpark at 10.40am and went on the track up the Greenstone and then onto the Caples Track.  The sun was just getting to the valley floor to the other side, making lovely reflections in the pools. There were a few creeks to navigate carefully and not get our feet to wet. Also a slip which has come down recently. About 12 noon we crossed the creek and had a welcome break in the sun and refreshments.

We got to the hut at 1.30pm where the billy was boiled for a cuppa and lunch was had.  There were four hunters in evidence in residents. Some of us went for a walk further up the valley and a couple just blogged out in the sun relaxing.  When we got back eight more trampers had arrived.

The new arrivals were there to party and as the alcohol went down the music and talking got louder.

Most of us went to bed at 11pm.  Kay got up and asked for the singing (cats crying) to be quiet.

The next morning everyone was very quiet. We got the hut cleaned and brought out extra rubbish left behind. We took the valley out via the old Birchwood Homestead.  The route was marked with Waratah’s – these were put in recently when the slip on the track came down and DOC were redirecting trampers.

The Caples hut was lovely, 24 bunks and extra mattress. Pudding after our Pasta Chuck is something we should start doing more often.  We all need those sugar rushes.

Trampers were: Louise, Kay, Lorraine, Roger, Paul, Peter and Judy(scribe).

  Photo: Judy
  Photo: Paul
  The old (building that is)
  And the new

Young Australia Reserve. – Sunday 6th July 2014. 

Nine of us set off from Queenstown at approx 9.00. Maybe 9.30am as there were a few delays with folk returning home to get their coffee. At Bannockburn we met up with two more keen trampers.  We set off at 10.40am a nice time at start a day walk, travelling up a 4WD road.  The sun was shine and we chatted our way up to Caledonia. There were tunnels and ruined homes to see. Then on the Carricktown to more gold mining ruins. About 200 people ones lived there.  Then onto the Young Australia Reserve (1100mtrs above sea) and the Water Wheel which is 7.9 mtrs in diameter built in 1874 and restored by DOC.  We ate lunch sheltering behind a ruined home, (as there was a cold breeze) which was one side a bolder and three sides stone walls.  Five of us went a bit further across the valley to the Stamping Battery.  Along the valley there were again old ruined huts and a clay smoking pipe discovered by Peter.

We returned back via different routes, some sticking to the 4WD track, others following Peter along the old pack tracks, which included some snow/ice trekking.

We returned to the carpark by about 4pm. Some people told their thyme as they went.

In all a beautiful day with lovely scenery overlooking the Dunstan and Pisa ranges, and Lake Dunstan. Trampers on the trip: - Louise, Roger, Lorraine, Paul, Kjell, Kay Pip, Margaret, and me Judy from Queenstown and Rex and Peter met us at Bannockburn.  Thanks to Peter for being such a good informative guide.  Happy puffing Pete.

Report and photos: Judy



Lake Rere  20th July 

An inversion layer of cloud over Lake Wakatipu didn't stop 11 trampers setting off to do a winter trip around the Lake Rere Loop. Roger and Lorraine, Peter and Margaret, Pip, Helen, Louise, Steven, Lindsay and Barbara led by Judy. It was a brisk start walking beside the lake but we soon warmed up and the cloud cleared to reveal a beautiful day. We spotted a Tom Tit and a Kereru up in the trees, and all the shady parts of the walk revealed spectacular hoar frosts, making the trip unique and sparkling with crystals. Lake Rere was almost totally frozen and a sunny spot across the lake was perfect for our lunch stop. The meander back to the start of the track was punctuated by beautiful mountains, forests and lots of icicles dripping from the steep sides of the mossy banks. A great winter walk was enjoyed by all.
Report: Lindsay

Photos: Lindsay