2015/10 November Bulletin

posted 1 Nov 2015, 12:36 by Wakatipu Walker
Miners Trail  Sunday 11th Oct 

This was combined day walk with Southland Tramping Club. There were 5 from Ingill and 6 from Wakatipu Tramping club which was great. Some remembered each other from previous joint trips so that was great. We went clockwise around Miners Trail which involves a stiff climb up from Arrow River to highest Point. Weather was ideal for walking...not too hot and not too cold. Lunch was at old chimney ruins.....then it was on down gorge to Glencoe Rd. then along the road to top of Tobins Track. then down to cars again. Overall about 5hrs. Trampers from our club....Jude, Margaret, Judy, Lindsay and Bob & Pip.
Report and photos: Pip

Ben Lomond 24th October 


Plans for a camping weekend at Makarora had been altered due to dire weather projections – these didn’t end up eventuating till Monday night. However, four of us – Peter DLM, Lindsay, Jude and a possible new member Claudia headed up Ben Lomond (1748m) on a clear but rather chilly (at the top) Saturday.


We walked up the access road, and past the markers delineating plots ascribed to various groups and families – including PDLM – for wilding control. We could see first hand the great work Peter had already achieved at his plot – albeit that there were still many more wildings evident further up.

We made good progress to the saddle – which was pretty impressive given Claudia was carrying an 18kg pack – she is training to climb Vinson Massif in Antarctica in December (and has already been approached to come back and talk to us about this adventure).

We had great discussions along the way – including options for the club to buy secateurs and loppers for wilding control use and whether the club should write to QDLC regarding supplying a toilet because of the almost ubiquitous presence of white toilet paper in the trees on the way up. Given we reckoned we saw nearly 200 walkers using the track that day (most younger tourist types, and one clad in only shorts and HR monitor despite potentially chillying conditions), we think the time is long past when a toilet is needed.


After a snack in the grasses shielded from the cold breeze just under saddle (and spurning wooden seat which Peter told us was provided by Cliff Broad but which was getting all the breeze), and a photo taken by a friendly walker, we then trudged up to the top. On the way we passed a guy with transistor playing Jefferson Airplane (again according to Peter DLM, since I don’t recognise anything later than 1970s), and a rather unfriendly chap with an even less friendly dog. Peter held his tongue – with difficulty. At the top even stranger was a woman with a drone who was flying it to take aerial photos. Rather annoying but luckily short lived. Is this the future?


After as long a lunch as coolish conditions allowed, we headed back down. Peter stopped off to talk to fellow wilding workers, and Claudia informed us at the bottom that we had done 14km with about 1375m of ascent and descent. Not bad for a lazy long weekend. Next time south ridge hopefully. Report: Jude


Photo: Lindsay
Photo: Peter
Photo: Lindsay
Photo: Lindsay

Mt Dewar – Atley Terrace huts  26th October

After some car shuffling, 9 of us set off up the Mt Dewar road at 8:45am. The temperature was ideal for climbing with a light breeze, and good progress was made to the top. After a quick look at the always spectacular view on top, the cool wind hastened us on down the other side.

A short distance down we found a beautiful sheltered spot amongst the tussocks to have morning tea. From there the track followed a pleasant downhill (mostly) gradient eventually leading to the huts at Atley Terrace just in time for midday lunch. Both huts were in reasonable condition – no vandals go there. The original tin hut with stone chimney has walls covered by 1940’s newspapers but is probably much older, while the L&M hut is from the 1980’s and there was a 1990 newspaper on the shelf. It was very comfortable lounging outside in the sun, and a very generous lunch break ensued.

Eventually we had to venture onwards, following the undulating and interesting old pack track back to Long Gully arriving at the waiting vehicles about 2:15pm. It was bloody good not having to walk back up the road, as we have on previous trips.

Thanks Alan for organising a great trip. Other party members: Paul, Lindsay, Jude, Roger, Lorraine, Greg, Peter DLM, Claudia(still carrying 18kg)

Report: Peter

Photo: Peter
Photo: Lindsay
Photo: Lindsay