2015/09 October Bulletin

posted 4 Oct 2015, 18:48 by Wakatipu Walker

Bendigo  13th September 2015 


Judy F did a great job of organising the trip and transport to the Bendigo Historic Reserve in the absence of a leader. Ten trampers set off under clear blues skies and sunshine, Jude F, Jude C, Vicki, Bruce, Paul F, Pip, Roger, Lorraine, Peter D and Lindsay. Peter D met us at the carpark, and provided us with lots of information as we looped the Kanuka loop. Ten km’s of undulating terrain, took us past relics of the old quartz and gold mining days.The highest point we reached at 700 plus metres. Mine shafts, battery’s, old stone buildings and relics provided an interesting walk, with the splendid backdrop of the distant mountains in all directions, and the clarity of a perfect spring day. Plenty of regenerating Kanuka lined the track, the original Kanuka having been used for building by the previous residents in the 19th Century. A great day out was enjoyed by all, as were the coffee and ice-creams on the journey home!

Report and photos: Lindsay

Moke Lake to Arthur’s Point 20th September 2015 

An impromptu email from Roger had 9 trampers out on a fine spring day to walk from Moke Lake to Arthur’s Point. After meeting at the One Mile Peter B kindly helped with the shuffling of cars and we eventually set off from Moke Lake. The road was in good dry condition and we set off enthusiastically, admiring the beautiful back country views, with only a hint of spring apparent on the trees as yet. Morning tea was enjoyed at a small sunny spot on the track and we arrived at Seffertown at 1130 - too early for lunch, so we investigated the dwellings and then carried on along the track, admiring the Moonlight and Shotover rivers below. We spied Mt Aurum and Mt Larkin in the distance and plenty of cows gazed at us curiously. Sheep were plentiful too but not a lamb in sight! We saw a Karearea hovering over the craggy tops. Once again a delicious afternoon tea with baking was enjoyed at Roger and Lorraine’s on their sunny deck and Peter B arrived to help with transport in his new 4 WD (with a knob not a gear stick!) Roger, Lorraine, Jude C, Pip, Margaret and Peter, Louise, Alan, Paul and Lindsay

Report and photos: Lindsay



Invincible Mine – Rees Valley – Sunday 27th Sept. 

Prit, Lorraine, Roger and Judy went up to the Rees Valley on a beautiful sunny Sunday.  First stop was at the circular concrete buddle or concentrator near the road.  The buddle help sort the tailings to get the final gold from the quartz.

Then we went up the zig-zag track to the Invincible Mine.  The views were amazing looking down the Rees valley to Lake Wakatipu and up the Rees to Mt Earnslaw.

At the mine the 7 cast iron berdans were still in place.  The battery is on its side and the water wheel has lost its top spokes but we could see how everything fitted together to get the gold.  After a lunch in the sun we wondered along to look at the tunnel where the quartz came from, then along a track to the Invincible Creek.

A wonderful day, finished with a ice cream at Glenorchy.

Report and photos: Judy