2015/08 September Bulletin

posted 25 Aug 2015, 15:42 by Wakatipu Walker

Lake Dispute 2nd August 


The Sunday tramp to Lake Dispute and Sam Summers dawned wet and squally. Decisions were pondered, to go or not to go? Eventually 2 trampers declined and two were gained and Lindsay, Peter, Prit, Di, Roger and Lorraine set off half an hour late. The weather improved and a pleasant leisurely walk ensued. The path to Lake Dispute is now a super highway, graded and gritted, the lake a mirror of the surrounding mountains. Peter regularly stopped to chop down the Christmas trees, allowing the rest of us to have a breather, and a chat. Morning tea was enjoyed at Cliff’s seat on the Sam Summers track, and lunch at the slip in the sunshine. Prit enjoyed a side trip to the water chasm, which he had never seen. It was nice to dust off the boots and get out on a winters day.

Report: Lindsay
Photo: Peter
Photo: Lindsay

Pisa Range snow shoeing 22nd August


“Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today”.

Making a decision about whether to do the trip on Saturday where weather looked great or Sunday where cloud and wind looked likely was not easy – as unfortunately Barb had other commitments Saturday which precluded her joining us. However, once up on the Pisa Range with clear blue skies and views forever, we knew we had made the right decision. It was just the best day to be out there.

Snow shoes had been hired from Small Planet or the Snow Farm (they have new stock which worked fine). There were no hassles and we headed up through the DOC easement to cross Kirtle Burn creek – slightly hairy with decision to do with snow shoes on, but no wet feet. Except of course Pete’s one wet foot – suffered a few minutes earlier when he had fallen through some soft snow to find the creek running underneath – always a trap but no lasting damage done.

Early lunch was taken at a some rocks at about 1500m level – the TopoGPS app worked brilliantly to show us exactly where we were.

We then followed the leading ridge up to rocks at 1852 for lunch proper. We looked at the Column Roacks but general lassitude and the thought of hot chocolates at the Lodge meant we were content to turn back along the route we’d come.

The snow was mixed – some crusty top, some lovely windblown bits and a whole lot of soft slightly sludgy stuff on the somewhat weary trek back to the Snow Farm at the end of the day. Consensus was that it was a great day and snow shoes really do extend the range of winter trips. Maybe next year we could consider an overnight stay and turn it into a snow shoe weekend – at least I won’t have to make a decision which day to choose !

We were Lindsay, Peter DLM, Pete N, Pip and Jude (scribe)


Going up - Photo: Pip
"Fido" Rock with Mt Cook in background - Photo: Peter
Lunch Rock - Photo: Lindsay
Photo: Lindsay