2015/06 June Bulletin

posted 3 Jun 2015, 15:53 by Wakatipu Walker

Mt Rosa – Gibbston Valley – Sunday 10th May 2015 

Alan, Prit and Judy met in Queenstown and went first up Coal Pit Road where we left Judy’s car and then went in Prit’s vehicle to the car park on the Cromwell side of the Nevis. There we met Peter. We started up the track to Mt Rosa at 10am. A warm sunny day. As we got higher the views got better. Looking down on the landfill (a big hole for us to fill), the Nevis Bungy bridge/wire and out into the Kawarau.

When we got to the top the wind was up and cold so we donned another layer. From the top we could see all the way down Gibbston Valley, over to the snow topped mountains at the Skippers, the back of the Remarkables and Doolans, down into the Nevis valley, over to the Old Woman range and the Pisa. 360 views on an excellent day.

Lunch was had amongst the tussocks at the trig station. Then it was all down hill to Coal Pit and back to the car via pulling out a few pines. Back at car 3pm.

Report and photos: Judy

Mt Dewar – Devil’s Creek – Sunday 17th May 

Pip, Prit, Jude, Brodie and Judy met at the Coronet Peak road at 10am. We took 2 cars up the road, leaving one at the Devil’s Creek exit and carry on up to Skippers Road to start the walk to Mt Dewar.

With a few pines to pull out, the going was good along the 4WD track to the top of Mt Dewar where the transmitting poles are.  We struck snow half way up and Brodie was loving it. 

From Mt Dewar it was down to Devil’s Creek for lunch.  Then up the hill, which seems to go forever to the saddle and over to the road and a waiting car.

A beautiful day with good friends, good weather and good views of our lovely countryside.


Greenstone Hut – 24th – 25th May 2015 

Pip, Prit, Jude and Judy left Queenstown on Sunday at 9am.  Having forgone the idea of going to Taipo hut, decided on a later start and only going half way to the Greenstone Hut. Something to do with the big white stuff in the weather forecast helped us change our plans.

At 10.30am we set off, a nice sunny day. The going was good, the track was in good condition.  At Slip Creek we sat and had lunch in the sun.  About 2pm we donned our coats a bit of rain with white thicker drops were coming from the sky.  At 3 pm we got to the hut.  Inside was colder than outside but many thanks to Pip, she got the fire going with her magic coal that appeared from no-where.

Prit, Jude and Judy went for a walk to the start of the Marvora walkway.  The snow was coming in and the ground was white in the open areas.

Dinner was had by candle light, for those who brought dinner.  Who forgot who??  Two overseas ladies joined us for food and chat.  Bed by 8pm.

Pip wanted 3 inches of snow to be on the ground when she woke.  Prit wanted to take some good photos.  Both got their wishes doubled.

We awoke to 6 inches of snow.  And some magical photos were taken of the winter wonderland.

Pip rescued the two overseas ladies from going off to Taipo Hut when they were meant to be heading out to the Greenstone car park.

At 9am we set off.  Great walking with lots of stops for photos. Slip Creek flat was beautiful.  By then, 10.30am, the snow was starting to drop and we are as wet from the snow as a rainy day.  We were out at the car park by about 1.30pm.

Prit’s first overnight  tramp. Now he is a pro.

Report and photos: Judy