2015/05 May Bulletin

posted 4 May 2015, 15:23 by Wakatipu Walker
Unfavourable weather forecasts meant both the Easter trip and ANZAC weekend trip had to be cancelled.

Queens Drive  Easter Saturday 4th April


Following the cancellation of the big Easter trip, we looked around for a day trip to take advantage of the fine weather forecast for the Saturday. Queens Drive was suggested, but only Alan and I ended up doing it. We caught the nzski.com bus up the road, gradually climbing through the cloud to brilliant sunshine in the basin. Because of possible frost, we decided to do the trip clockwise, starting up through the Curvey basin. All day it was perfectly still – not a breath of wind. We met a couple of other parties who had done the trip the other direction, and they had encountered firm conditions. It was nice and thawed by the time we crossed the ledge. We finished way too early for the bus, so had to wait around a while in the cooling temperatures.


Report and photos: Peter DLM


Lake in Wye Basin
Queens Drive route marked on this photo

Coronet Peak to Brow Peak  Saturday 11th April 


The three remaining trampers left after several pulled out, decided to do Coronet Peak to Brow Peak, instead of Mt Alfred. The leader (Lindsay) had never done it, so Sally and Jude C led the way. Some discussion resulted in us finding the correct ridge somewhere near Rocky Gully and then we enjoyed the spectacular rugged views, following the ridge all the way to Brow Peak. Low wispy mist was present to begin with, which made everything look amazing, and then this cleared to a perfect sunny day. Morning tea, and then lunch was enjoyed on the route before heading steeply down towards Arrowtown. Lindsay, Jude C and Sally S                                                              (Report: Lindsay,   Photos: Sally)