2015/03 March Bulletin

posted 2 Mar 2015, 13:54 by Wakatipu Walker   [ updated 2 Mar 2015, 14:12 ]

Lake Newby 7 and 8th February 

Eight enthusiastic trampers leapt at the chance to visit 'Lake Newby" or more appropriately Lake De la Mare." A lake Peter DLM discovered on Google Earth that is not on a topo map and formed as a result of an unnamed receding glacier. Peter D, Sally, Di, Lindsay, Roger, Lorraine, Paul and Peter DLM (leader) headed to the Divide at 7 am and started on the Routeburn track at 1030. Morning tea was enjoyed at picturesque Lake Howden and then somewhere between Howden and Lake Mackenzie the comforts of the super highway were gone, all complacency ended and we made an abrupt right turn and headed up! Bashing our way to the bush line through the undergrowth, then up on to open country where packs were dropped, tents hurriedly erected, food gobbled and the adventure continued. A hot grunt of a climb, encountering steep slopes, tussocks, snow, streams and even a chamois poised in the snow staring at us! Climbing higher we could see all the mountain vistas of Fiordland, with fresh snow and sunshine. A majestic view. One small further scramble and we finally reached the saddle at around 1600 metres. There immediately below was the most beautiful aqua newly formed lake with the glacier feeding it. It was absolutely stunning. The views stretched far down to Fraser Creek, Caples Valley and in the far distance Lake Wakatipu. 7 of us enjoyed the vista, while Peter Dym scrambled down for an icy skinny dip, maybe the first to do so! Reluctantly we returned to camp in the hot evening sunshine. We spied a better camp site, and quickly moved camp before relaxing and enjoying our assorted dinners after a memorable day out.

On Sunday we enjoyed an easy detour to Key Summit on the return journey.

Report: Lindsay
Photos: Lindsay(1,2,5)  Peter DLM (3,4)

Coronet Peak to Brow Peak  15th February 


We had perfect weather for this trip with sun and just a slight breeze so that it wasn't too hot.
Access to the ridge from the Coronet Peak end can be confusing and hard to find but by following the lower service road and then a couple or cycle trails we on our way with no trouble. We made good progress along the ridge while enjoying the spectacular views. Peter's local knowledge helped us identify many of the landmarks. The recent snow had mostly disappeared although Mt Larkins still had quite a bit on its southern slopes. We reached the summit for lunch in a very creditable 3hrs 20mins. The descent went without mishap although for many of us it is the least favourite part of the trip with its unrelenting steep gradient. The whole tramp was completed in just over 6 hours.
Members in the group: Peter; Roger; Lorraine; Vicki; Joy; Paul.

Report: Paul

Photos: Vicki(1), Peter(2), Paul(3)