2014/11 November Bulletin

posted 2 Nov 2014, 12:48 by Wakatipu Walker   [ updated 9 Nov 2014, 14:06 ]

Dart Valley – New Lake - Sunday 5th October

Four hardy trampers went to see the new lake formed in the Dart Valley.  It was the second time for three of us, so was interesting to see the changes from last year.  We set off at 1030am. The day started as high cloud above the mountains.  Saw bellbirds, robins, tomtits and lacebark in flower.  We got to the lookout above the lake in 3 ½ hours.  We had a good 30 minute lunch break before heading back.  Only took 3 hours back.  The slip is now being monitored with a solar panel on the closed part of the track and a camera in a tree.  The camera has a fancy science name like an adar.

The last two hours we got hit by a weather bomb.  Being in the forest we were kept from the full force of Huey.  The lightning and the thunder rolling down the valley was awesome to experience,

Trampers on trip: Roger, Lorraine, Louise and Judy(report and photos).

Miners Trail 14th Oct   

As there was nothing down on trip list for that weekend, 6 of us walked the 15km Miner's Trail in hills above Arrowtown.

We went clockwise around the circuit..the opposite direction that all the paying participants do as part of annual Motatapu Day.
We went up Arrow River first, then climbed way up to highest point, then down to Brackens Saddle where stopped for lunch.
Then on down the gully ( which is officially New Chums Gully), onto Glencoe Rd, then along the road to the top of Tobins Track, and back down to Craigie's home.
Then it was a cuppa on the front porch..
Was a great day out, no one else on the track at all.
Trampers: Peter DLM, Paul, Lois, Pip (scribe) and Richard & Barbara, ( mutual friends of both Peter and Lois.)     Photos: Pip




Glacierburn 19 October 2014 

Kay and Judy were the only ones able to participate in this trip.  We set off on a beautiful Sunday morning after a run of wet days so were congratulating ourselves on choosing the best day for the trip.  It was just lovely driving up the road to Glenorchy and seeing all the native clematis flowering in the trees above and below the road.  As an added bonus when we got up towards the Routeburn Road, the kowhais were fully flowering and seemed to be everywhere.

For those of you who have not done this trip up the Glacierburn it really is a great trip through beech forest – I was warned that it was steep uphill but I didn’t find it that steep.  There were lots of birds singing all the way up and when we got to the basin we heard a Kea chortling but couldn’t see it.  Lunch was sitting in the sun in the basin and exploring around the basin.  This all sounds quite poetic doesn’t it, but it was a very good day to choose to go for a walk in the hills.   We then walked back down the hill to the car, you have to cross the stream at the bottom but we managed to keep our feet reasonably dry.


Eyre Creek   Labour Day 27th October 

After tossing around several ideas to take advantage of Labour Weekend, a few keen members decided on a day trip up Eyre Creek. Leaving Frankton at 7:30am, we drove down to Athol where we turned off to go up Eyre Creek. The first few kms are good gravel road, but then it turned into a rough farm track for the next 10 kms to Shepherd Creek hut. After some exiting slithering and sliding through mud holes and banging of the tow bar, a deep river crossing caused us to park the vehicle a couple of kms short of the hut – time to start walking.A half hour or so later were approaching the hut and it was obvious that hunters were in residence – 4WD’s parked, and swandri-clad persons standing around a bonfire swilling Speights. They turned out to be people we knew from Queenstown, and were just leaving. After a spell in the hut, we continued up the valley. From here the beech forest starts and the mountain scenery comes into view. A couple of hours of easy walking saw us at Dog Box hut, which is true to it’s name. We had lunch there, and then continued towards the head of the valley. This is the most scenic part of the valley and the sunshine made us wish we were going further, however it was time to return.

The return trip was a bit faster, especially for those that forded the river, and the 4WD track had dried out making the drive out easier. We were the last vehicle leaving the valley so thankfully we didn’t get stuck. A great trip into an area not visited by us very often.

Party: Peter Dy, Judy, Paul, Lois, Peter DLM(scribe)    Photos: Paul and Peter DLM