2014/10 October Bulletin

posted 2 Oct 2014, 17:55 by Wakatipu Walker   [ updated 2 Oct 2014, 18:13 ]

Tucker Beach to Queenstown 31 August 2014 

At 9.30 on the 31 August 10 trampers met at Tucker Beach and began our tramp up the hill to eventually come down the Queenstown Hill track into town.  The day was one out of the box (as we had been having for some time) with frost on the ground and sunshine.  As we plodded up the hill there were various stops to peel off clothes as we all heated up.  It was good to see the planes below us coming in to land at Queenstown airport and the views of the surrounding district were certainly amazing.  Once we got to the top of the hill, we then proceeded down the other side towards Arthurs Point down to the Gavin cottage where we sat on the verandah in the sun for lunch.

After lunch we again made our way back up the hill and up a gully until we came to the top of Queenstown hill – pulling the odd pine tree out on the way.  We walked down past the tarns, some of which were completely dry, arrived at the basket at the top of the track and then walked down through the trees to the Queenstown Hill end where Paul had parked his van and Jim was also there to transport everyone back to Tucker Beach to pick up their cars.  A great trip for participants Paul, Lorraine, Pip, Vicki, Peter and Margaret, Helen, Louise, Peter and Kay (trip leader and writer).
Photos: Paul

Greenstone Hut  6 and 7 September

6 hardy trampers had very enjoyable weekend down the Greenstone Valley. No one else was in the hut...but Sally & Lindsay tented outside...was frosty for them but beautiful starry skies. Was lovely walk out too...then had yummy late lunch in Glenorchy. ....Trampers.....Peter DLM, Kay, Louise, Sally, Lindsay & Pip(scribe)

Photos: Peter

Cycling – Alexandra to Doctors Point & Bannockburn to Goldfields Village - 13th September

The day started out overcast, and even after the drive down to Alexandra things hadn’t changed much, so there was a bit of a chill around the bare legs of one party member as we started off.  After crossing the highway bridge via a cycle/pedestrian lane, we were straight onto the new track which is beautifully smooth, and undulates in a “gentle civilised” fashion close to the river/lake level. (this is in stark contrast to the violent “undulations” we encountered after lunch). After about an hour of scenic cruising we got to Doctors Point, where there was discussion on the origins of the name, and the uniquely camouflage-painted loo was tried out. Then it was time to turn around and head back the same way to Alexandra, where we had lunch in the carpark. We thought we better support the local economy so drove around to the Shaky Bridge cafe for a coffee and huge piece of cake.

The afternoon’s entertainment commenced at the Bannockburn Bridge, and consisted of following a “track” about 6 kms along the north bank of the Kawarau to about 200m short of the Goldfields Mining Village. None of us had been on it before, so were blissfully ignorant of what was coming up. Sudden downhills were quickly followed by steep uphills in loose gravel that meant quick dismounts were common (that’s if you managed to ride the downhill – which was not common). The sun had appeared also, so by the time we got to the end we were well warmed up. Some of us enjoyed it though – lots of interesting gold mining remains and a different view of vineyards.

So in the end a good work out, and relaxing drive home.

Party: Kay, Greg, Pip, Alan, Jude C, Peter DLM(scribe)


Tucker Beach to Arthurs Point - 21 September 2014

On a promising Sunday morning after the election excitement of the night before, 10 trampers met at Tucker Beach at 10.30 to walk to Arthurs Point.  The trip to Arthurs Point was only just over an hour but new territory for some and a lovely walk with views of the river and also places to explore the remains of gold mining ventures carried out some time ago.  Luckily the weather was fine though rain was promised.  We made it to Arthurs Point in just over an hour and then walked back along the track to the track down to the river so that we could look at the remains of the dredge down there.   This also proved a good place to stop and have some lunch and wave enthusiastically at the Shotover Jet Boat passengers whizzing by.

After lunch we puffed back up the hill and back to the cars with just a few spots of rain and the threat of more rain.  Participants were Peter DLM, Pip, Roger & Lorraine, Louise, Peter B, Helen, Barbara, Di and Kay (trip leader and writer).  It was good to get out for a walk in this area.


Whakaari Conservation Park  28th Sept

6 of us had a stunning day out exploring this area. We first looked at Boozer Hut, then Bonnie Jean Hut..where we had lunch in the sun. Then on up to Heather Jock Hut ..again sat outside in the sun..admiring the view from about 5000' up. Then down zigzag track to Jean Hut...then on down to car park again..stopping off at the State Mine area and stamping battery area...
Trampers..Vicki & Bruce, Louise, Judy, Peter Dy and Pip(scribe)